Search Engine Optimization

SEO Leistungen


SEO Audits

Compact and detailed SEO audits / analyzes with valuable insights on the status quo, visibility, SEO performance, SEO potential and low hanging fruits.

SEO Set-Ups

Initial setup and configuration of important SEO tools such as Google Analytics and the Google Search Console & for optimal data management & indexing control.

Keyword Research

In-depth research of current, high-traffic, user and business-relevant keywords with the Google Ads API. Prioritization based on search volume, CPC & competition.

Keyword Strategy

Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally strategically sensible alignment of the information architecture and the web content, for sustained increasing growth.

SEO-Visibility & Rankings

Meaningful insights on the status quo, trends and forecasts of and for reach, visibility, traffic & rankings in a visually prepared form.

Crawling & Indexation

Crawling and domain analysis including status code, indexability, index coverage, meta robots, canonical, file size & response time of website resources.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis & SEO benchmark analysis to reveal performance deficits and to identify valuable SEO optimization potential.

Potential Analysis

Detailed analysis of your properties, competencies, performance values, data, user guidance, content and possibilities in the respective market segment.

Indexation Strategy

Crawling all SEO-relevant URLs. Strategy for SEO indexing management by defining meta-robots control rules such as index, noindex, nofollow and more.

WordPress SEO

Setup, configuration & optimization of themes and assets with selected page builders, SEO, caching, minimization, image optimization & performance plugins.

Typo3 SEO

SEO basic setup for front and back end. Typo3 template optimization, titles, descriptions, headings, extensions, source code, caching, images & loading time.

Local SEO

Local and regional keyword research, keyword & SEO strategy, Google My Business, evaluation, reviews, local content & backlink optimization.

Technical SEO

Core Web Vitals

Measurement and ongoing optimization of the LCP, FID and CLS metrics to improve the user experience, loading time, interactivity and the cumulative layout shift.

Image optimization

Use of modern image formats such as WebP, efficient compression (lossless, lossy), caching, dimensions, lazy loading, namings, alt tags & CDNs.

CSS Optimization

CSSOM analysis, minimization and handling of the critical rendering path, combination of CSS files, CSS HTTP / 2 push, postponement of non-critical CSS.

JavaScript optimization

Instant loading with PRPL pattern, reduction of JS payloads, minimization, compression & caching, preloading of critical assets, removal of unused code.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Use of service workers and the Cache Storage API for powerful, reliable (available offline), installable web apps with native-like app functionality.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

AMP HTML & AMP Cache for simple, robust, user-optimized and instantly loading web pages for magazines, blogs, corporate websites & e-commerce applications.

Progressive Web AMPs

This fusion combines lean, high-performance AMP code with offline availability and native app capabilities.

Performance Budget

Definition and calculation of the maximum number of website resources (20% rule) for low loading times.

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