Phase 1 A

Status Quo

As-is analysis as the first foundation

By using advanced API tools, we obtain a holistic picture of your SEO situation. This in-depth analysis forms the basis for targeted improvements and defines clear milestones.


Prioritization with precision

Use of advanced tools and algorithms for in-depth market and keyword analysis. Our unique Search Potential Analysis (SPA) effectively identifies and prioritizes keywords.


Laying foundations, managing online

Definition of an SEO strategy that serves as a blueprint for your website to guarantee optimal structure and visibility from the outset or in the ongoing optimization process.

Phase 2 A+


Custom-Tailored SEO

Use of state-of-the-art plugins such as AIOSEO and PageSpeed Boost supplemented by custom functions for individual requirements.


Smart automated: Efficiency with RestAPI

Automated optimization of meta tags, images and content. We facilitate seamless integrations and ensure highly optimized processes


Transparency, knowledge and control

Detailed guides on every aspect of the SEO process, from optimized titles to layout and element adjustments, for full transparency.

Phase 3 A++


Get to know and understand seekers

We dive deep into the search performance and behavior of your visitors. Our data collection methods provide us with the insights we need to make informed decisions.


Clarity in concrete figures

Receive clear, comprehensible reports detailing performance in Google. Our reporting provides you with a comprehensive overview of strengths, weaknesses and potential.


Achieving data-driven goals

Analyze user signals, clicks, impressions and conversions to make targeted adjustments to your content, layout and structure to improve search performance.


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